Cool Times in

Cool Times in Chiang Mai

With this great breeze, cooler temperatures and lower humidity, Thailand has been finally blessed with a dip into cool season!  While many choose to stay in Bangkok and enjoy the different weather and special, quieter time of year, many do run for the hills to really take advantage of the cooler weather and get a chance to be outside without the oppressive sun and humidity!


Chiang Mai is a favorite destination for Thais and foreigners alike, benefiting from beautiful lush green scenery, mountains and a chill, laid-back small town atmosphere that is surely a welcome break for city-dwellers and weary travelers.

The ruins of the ancient city’s walls pop up throughout your journeys in and across Chiang Mai, reminding of the history of this city as the capitol of the Lanna Kingdom when it was founded in 1296.


As you get around the city, usually by tuk tuk, you can catch glimpses of beautiful temples, old shophouses next to new contemporary coffee shops, famous streetside eateries, grand old markets and occasionally, the Ping river.  You can also enjoy fresh air and views by going up to Doi Suthep and climb the 300+ steps to see Wat Phra Tat Doi Suthep temple.


Looking for a bit loftier spot, then you can go up to Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand for even more stunning views and cool weather.


Another favorite spot is the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, about 1 hour drive north of the main city center of Chiang Mai.  There are walking trails, ornamental gardens and greenhouses showcasing many rare and endangered species of Thai plants.


When sticking close to the city center you can enjoy some very tasty treats for which Chiang Mai is famous, including Cab moo (seasoned and fried pork skin), eaten with nam prik noom (thai green chili paste) which is a spicy treat that everyone must try!  Also worth a taste is the sai oua (spicy sausage) which is always on the list of Thai’s items to bring home from Chiang Mai to share with friends and family.


Another not-to-miss dish is Khao Soi (egg noodles in curry soup), a Chiang Mai specialty. This savory and rich dish, served often with chicken, beef or rib meat, is most often noted as travellers’ favorite northern Thai dish.  It has a great balance of spices and heat that appeals to a wide range of palettes – don’t miss trying it once (or many more times)!



Enjoy this cool season (or any time of the year) in Chiang Mai with many beautiful views and tastes on one of Taste of Thailand’s newest tours, the Chiang Mai Tasty Treasures tour!