Thai Herb Refreshing Drink

Thailand is very hot country, as you know. We have only hot and very hot seasons. We are coming upon the month that is typically the hottest month of the year in Thailand, April. So, how do we stay cool here? Besides the usual staying in the shade, fanning ourselves and eating ice cream, refreshing drinks are a great way to cool off and stay hydrated in this hottest of seasons. While many drinks simply perk us up with their sugar content or ice-cold temperature, we have many drinks in Thailand made from herbs, flowers and fruits, which are not only refreshing, but, have benefits beyond.

For instance, grass jelly, longan and Chrysanthemum juice, are common in Thailand. They have many benefits besides keep you hydrated. They also can be used for helping digestion, high blood pressure, heart disease, circulatory system and have benefits for your skin.


Let’s take a look at the famous Thai refreshing drink that you only can find in Thailand which will help quench your thirst. It is called “Nam Takrai Baitoey,” in Thai, or lemongrass pandanus water, in English. The basis of this drink is pandanus juice  (from pandan leaves) and lemongrass. This drink is delicious with just enough sweetness and herbal flavor to perk you up during the hottest month, and all year round!


How to make this Thai royal refreshing drink


·        Water                    

·        Pandanus leave  

·        Lemongrass

·        Sugar

·        Lemon

·        Ice

How To:

·        Boi Water

·        Put Pandanus leaves and lemongrass until the water turns yellow/green

·        Strain the water

·        Put sugar, lemon and ice (optional)

There is nothing better than spending time in hot weather with an amazing refreshing drink enjoying the beautiful scenery of Thailand. Cheers!