Taste of Thailand’s Vendor Spotlight: J.Long


J.Long is a fruit vendor located at Bangrak area. Taste of Thailand had this opportunity to have an interview session with her last week.


-Where are you from originally?


I am originally from Samut Songkram province.


-How long have you worked here/owned the business?


My family were gardeners, growing Pomelo. When I moved to Bangrak I was 24 yrs old and my first job was as a tailor. Then I changed to be a fruitier.


-How is the fruit business going in the Bangrak area now?


Now there are just 5 fruit stands in the Bangrak area. Fruits are always popular though! It takes hard work and patience, but I run my business with honesty, selling good quality fruits to the customers.



– Tell us something about your customers


I have both Thai and Foreigners come here to buy fruit.  The foreigners love to come taste all the exotic fruits they don’t get at home!


-What are your best selling fruits?


The best-selling fruits are Mangosteen, Durian, Custard apple and mango.


-What do you like most about your job?


If fruit lovers walk in to my shop I let them try before they buy. I like to see people enjoying the fruit or see them trying something new.



-What is your favorite Thai food?


My favorite Thai food is Green Curry with spotted Feather-back fish balls.



Interviewed by K. Joker