Guide Spotlight: Khun Jung
Food Specialist & Tour guide, K. Jung

Taste of Thailand Food Tours Guide Spotlight: Khun Jung

Food Specialist & Tour guide, K. Jung

our guides are the heart of our food tour business and recently Taste of Thailand had this opportunity to sit down with our guide Khun Jung to find out a little bit more about her.

-Where are you from originally?

-Nonthaburi,which is a peaceful city to the north of Bangkok


-Great! How long have you been a guide?

-Almost 3 years now

-What do you like most about your job?

-Surprising the guests with something unusual!

-What is your favorite Thai food?

-Green Curry with Chicken

-What is your favorite place in Bangkok?

-Prasumen Fort

-Tell me something special about Prasumen Fort

-Phrasumen fort is one of only two remaining forts (of fourteen) built shortly after the founding of Bangkok to protect the city from foreign invasion. It’s in PhraNakhon district.

-Sounds cool! What do you like to do in your free time?

-Laying around with my cat when I’m too lazy to go out, but when I go out, I usually do something simple like going to the movies, shopping or having a good meal with friends.

-Three things you couldn’t live without?

-My I-phone (materialistic, I know!), My comic books and my brain.

-If you could travel anywhere in the world to try the food, where would you go? Why?

-I’d like to go everywhere, each place has its own uniqueness.  If I had to choose just one, I would go to New York, one of the most diverse places in the world and I would try every dish that I see!


You can enjoy a lovely tour with K. Jung any day of the week!  She is currently hosting our Village of Love, Chinatown Food Crawl, Great Ayutthaya Adventure and TukTuk Urban Odyssey tours!