TOTFT Guide Spotlight
Khun Bella

Taste of Thailand Food Tours Guide Spotlight: Khun Bella

Food Specialist & Tour guide, K. Bella

our guides are the heart of our food tour business and recently Taste of Thailand had this opportunity to sit down with our guide Khun Bella to find out a little bit more about her.

-Where are you from originally?

-I come from SamutSakorn province. My hometown is there.


-Great! How long have you been a guide?

-I have been working as a guide for almost five years.

-What do you like most about your job?

– There are so many reasons I enjoy being a guide! First of all, I’m glad to meet foreign visitors who come from different countries and learn about their customs, beliefs, and lifestyles. I love to proudly show them what makes Thailand renowned and special through teaching about our traditions and history. I also enjoy helping them learn how to connect and understand the locals.

-What is your favorite Thai food?

– Southern yellow curry with sea bass, Deep fried sea bass with spicy mango salad, Stewed duck noodles, Jungle curry with pork and mixed vegetable, Thai style papaya salad, Grilled pork with spicy sauce, Mixed vegetables and shrimp in tamarind flavored soup and of course, Thai fruits!


-What is your favorite place in Bangkok? 

-The National museum, The Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Khao San Road, Lumpini Park, and SoiLalai Sap market, to name a few!


-What do you like to do in your free time? 

-Reading, traveling and watching documentaries.

-Three things you couldn’t live without?

-Healthy,yummy food, good relationships, and travel.

-If you could travel anywhere in the world to try the food, where would you go? Why?

-Japan, France, and Italy. All of these countries have very traditional and unique food traditions. The ingredients are definitely different from Thai cuisine, especially for France and Italy. They all are the countries that you must visit because of beautiful landscapes, various kinds of attractions and long histories. I love how ways of cooking have been passed down from generation to generation.


You can enjoy a lovely tour with K. Bella any day of the week!  She is currently hosting our Village of Love, Chinatown Food Crawl, Great Ayutthaya Adventure and TukTuk Urban Odyssey tours!