Neighborhood Spotlight:

Neighborhood Spotlight: Bangrak

Nestled next to the Chao Praya or “River of Kings”, Bangrak is one of the most historic neighborhoods in the Big Mango. “Bang” in Thai means Village and “Rak” means Love—as such, you may hear Bangrak referred to as the “Village of Love”. There are other theories on how this area got its name. It is also said that the name came from the Thai word, ‘raksa’ or ‘to care for.’ This is because of the large number of hospitals in the area.

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One of several interesting aspects of Bangrak’s history is that it boasts the official first road ever constructed in Bangkok, Charoen Krung or ‘new road’ in English.


As Bangkok grew quickly as a trading port with traders from Portugal, Holland, Britain, India and China, most of the city’s foreign communities settled in this neighborhood creating a cultural melting pot for Thais, Chinese, Mon, Lao, Indians, Europeans and Americans.

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Bangrak is an excellent neighborhood in which to explore and experience Thai life.  Not only is it a more traditional, low-rise area of the city showcasing some of the typical townhouse vernacular seen across Thailand, the food it to die for!  Here in the Village of Love you can taste regional, long-revered staples of the Thai cuisine, some influenced by this multi-cultural community.

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But, hey, we don’t want to give too much away now, as starting in the next few weeks, Taste of Thailand is launching a special new experience in Bangrak – one you won’t want to miss!  Stay tuned!

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