Local Thai Food from Four Different Regions

There are so many very famous Thai foods such as Tom Yum Kung, Phad Thai, and Papaya salad (Som Tum). However, those well-known foods are not all we have in Thailand! I would love to tell you more about different kinds of food from other regions and provinces in Thailand. Let’s start from the North and move to the South through four  different regions.

First, I want to talk about my favorite Northern food. It is called “Kao Soi Kai”.

Kaow soi

The dish is very famous in Chiangmai. It looks similar to yellow curry but it is not! Kao Soi is made of egg noodles and chicken in a curry soup of coconut milk and special chilli paste, and topped with crispy noodles, diced shallots and pickled cabbage. It looks spicy but it is not at all and it is full of local herbs with a unique fragrance.

Next we head to the Northeast of Thailand. Let’s talk about Larb, which is a beef, chicken or pork-based salad usually eaten with sticky rice. It can be spicy, as most foods of the Isaan regions can be.  However, you can always specify ‘mai phet’ (not spicy) if you choose! In addition to the meat, Larb’s special ingredients are: ground crispy rice and Thai herbs – the combination makes the dish full of flavor!


The third region is Central Thailand, represented by Bangkok. Here we spotlight a special type of Royal Cuisine. A famous one is called “ Kaow Chae”

Kaow chae

This dish is one of real royal food from the Grand Palace. The dish consists of rice in cold, fragrant Jasmine water with many condiments served alongside to eat together. There are many tastes: savory, sweet and spicy. They always decorate the dish beautifully for serving.  It is light and refreshing, a lovely escape from the heat of Thailand.

The last dish is called “ Kua Kling” from Southern Thailand. Most of the foods from the south of Thailand are very spicy. This dish is full of herbs and spices. Meat is injected with curry paste, chilies, garlic and shaved lemongrass and topped with Kaffir Lime leaves.  Missing the sweet coconut milk of traditional curries, this dish packs an intense curry flavor. If you love spicy food, let’s try southern food! I guarantee you will sweat a lot!


Next time you are in Thailand, try out one of these fantastic dishes to add to your collection of Thai foods tasted in our fair country!