Jungle Food
In the City

Taste of Jungle Food in the city

A favourite hidden gem on our tours is a restaurant is run by Khun Somyot and his family from Song Peenong district, Suphanburi (one of the provinces in Thailand which is very famous for “jungle food”). A former Police Sargeant, when Khun Somyot moved to Bangkok 20 years ago and started this restaurant, the name “Song Peenong Jungle Food” was quite fitting in order to pay respect to his hometown as well as his affinity and expertise in Jungle Food. “I was very lucky to find our current location during that time”, says Khun Somyot. “It is located in a very comfortable place – in the heart of the Village of Love, locally known as Bangrak. Our Village of Love tours love it because not only is Khun Somyot one of the nicest people you will ever meet, often asking to take pictures with our guests, he also ensures all the foods served are rich in spicy herbs and marinated with jungle ingredients — providing an authentic jungle taste in the midst of the concrete jungle of Bangkok!

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At Khun Somyot’s Jungle Food restaurant, some of the most popular foods are for example, spicy lemongrass salad, traditional jungle soup without coconut milk, and many more dishes made from fresh fish. You can also find very delicious Isaan food from the Northeast of Thailand, such as Papaya Salad, Larb Moo, and Namtok Moo, all which are served with the traditional and essential “cutlery” – warm sticky rice. All dishes are made by Khun Somyot himself who is not only a food artisan but also an expert in jungle foods from many other regions in Thailand.

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Among our favourite dishes her, are Khun Somyot’s traditional jungle soup and Pla Kung Phad Cha (Stir fried Kung fish with lots of Thai herbs). You must try these two traditional dishes to learn more about real traditional jungle food and how spicy Thai and Chinese herbs are. Join our Village of Love tour and can catch a glimpse Khun Somyot in action and taste some of his delicious creations!