Good Foods to Eat in Cool Weather

It’s officially winter in Bangkok and Thai people and the expat community already started to wear long sleeves. In morning, sometimes a gentle, tender breeze blows and Bangkokians might just switch their morning drink of choice from iced to hot coffee to stay comfortable in this chilly (well, for Thais, at least) weather.

Apart from wearing long sleeves, what type of activities people can do in this cool weather. Well, eating, of course! We’ve chosen a few Thai dishes that you can enjoy to help keep you warm in this chilled winter weather:

1. Larb Ped (Thai Minced Duck Salad)


This food is originated from Laos, considered as national dish there. In Thailand it is regarded as Isaan (Northeastern) food. It is most often made with duck, beef, chicken, pork, fish, and even mushroomsmixed with chili, mint and crushed, toasted rice. It is served with vegetables and sticky rice. This dish can pack quite a spicy punch, so breaking a sweat while eating it might actually just warm you up!

2. Kaeng Liang (Thai Spicy Mixed Vegetable Soup)


Kaeng Liang is made with different types of gourd, fresh lemon basil, shallots, peppercorns, shrimp paste, broth, mushrooms, and large shrimp. This one is probably the best Thai dish in this cool weather. People love to have this on the cold day, it’s very refreshing with a little peppery kick! It smells a bit fishy but it’s worth to try, as it tastes great. The warmer the soup is, the better it tastes. It is packed with vegetables, which also makes it a healthy option!

3. Kuay Teaw Ped (Thai Duck Noodles)


If you love Thai noodle soup then this dish is for you. You can take it as a light meal or even as your breakfast. It’s a rich and flavor packed noodle soup with duck. Lots of herbs, spices and ingredients are used to give this dish a really rich savory flavor, which pairs nicely with the duck. You can taste the hints of cinnamon, star anise and galangal in the broth.

4. Thai Beef Soup (Soup Neua)


Beef soup (Soup Neua) is one of the most famous Thai Muslim dishes. The beef is cooked with fresh Thai herbs and spices on a slow flame for hours. It makes the beef really tender, a bit spicy and savory in taste. You can enjoy eating beef soup with Thai biriyani rice/yellow rice (Khao Mok) in a good Halal restaurant.

5. Thai style Suki


This Thai version of Suki barely resembles Japanese sukiyaki, having more in common with shabu shabu and Chinese hotpot. It is a communal dish where diners dip meat, seafood, noodles, dumplings and vegetables into a pot of broth cooking at the table and instead of a soy- or miso-based broth, the soup base is flavored with a Thai suki sauce made from chilies, garlic, lime, and cilantro, which is the key differentiator and what makes Thai sukiyaki so delicious. You can add/order tofu, seafood, shrimp, thin-sliced beef or pork or whatever else suits your fancy. There is generally an egg also mixed with the soup, as well as bean thread noodles (woonsen). This is a great way to keep warm and share a communal social meal with friends – you can even find some spots where you can enjoy it outdoors!