Celebrating Bangkok's
Spots on the 50 Best List, 2017

Celebrating Bangkok’s Spots on the 50 Best List, 2017

Bangkok is famous for nightlife, shopping, and plenty of amazing food!You can find great eats from the low budget to the extreme in price.  Once only know for local, traditional Thai specialties, Bangkok has now taken its place on the global food stage because of its variety in cuisine and experimental restaurants creating fresh new dishes.

From Baiyoke to Yaowarat, you will find plenty of choice with different price points available,.Street foods are forever bountiful: Pad Thai, Som Tam, KhanomJeen, Sukiyaki, Pad Si-euand all of your Thai favorites. And now with the influx of western culture, many of the world’s cuisines are available in spots from food trucks to street stalls to fine dining restaurants.

Bangkok is also proud to boast a number of restaurants making a name for themselves throughout Asia and the world. These famous restaurants are led by amazing chefs and food specialists who like to experiment with food and flavors, and have done so with incredible results. Modern Thai, German, French, Indian, Bengali, Arab and Turkish foods, just to name a few, are available in such top restaurants.

This year, Bangkok boasts nine (9) restaurants among the Asia’s 50 best restaurants:

Gaggan (No.1): Progressive Indian cuisine. Standout dish- yogurt explosion with red matcha and charcoal.


Nahm (No.5): Authentic Thai cuisine. Standout dish- Smoky beef curry with chili leaves.

IMG_6820      IMG_6817

Suhring (No. 13): Modern German cuisine. Standout dish- Brotzeit sharing selection of breads, spreads, cold cuts and pickles.

Bo.Lan (No.19): Authentic Thai food. Standout dish- Red curry with duck with wintermelon.

Issaya Siamese Club (No. 21): Modern Thai. Standout dish- Yum HuaPlee.

Yum Tua Plu Presentation      Spicy Beef Salad

Eat Me (No. 31): Modern international cuisine. Standout dish- Spicy WagyuTartare Laab served with a fried quail egg.


The Dining Room at The House on Sathorn (No. 36): Innovative Asian with a Turkish twist. Standout dish- “Early morning at Tsukiji market”- maguro, caviar, wasabi, seaweed.

Le Du (No. 37): Modern Thai food. Standout dish: KhaoChae- pork and shrimp pate, pickled radish and jasmine ice cream.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (No. 40): French food. Standout dish is King crab and avocado roll.

Well done! Bangkok has hit the foodie jackpot, serving up amazing tastes from the street to the fancy dining room.  As ever, this city will continue to grow as a food paradise for locals and travelers  alike!

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