Boonsap Desserts: Classic Thai Desserts in The Village of Love

While our tours focus on delicious Thai food, it’s the stories behind the food and the people who make it, that really bring our tours to life!  We’ve decided to share some of those stories and personalities with you through our blog, starting with a real gem:  Boonsap Desserts.

On our latest jaunt through the Village of Love, we took a few moments to talk with Khun Fah, a long-time staff member of Boonsap. The word “boonsap” means ‘lucky to be rich’ in local language.  Indeed this shop is rich in amazing Thai desserts and we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy them!

Boonsap is very popular in the village of love (and beyond!). Khun Fah explained that they have been open for more than 70 years.  The shop is popular with all the locals, as they specialize in a wide variety of ancient and specialty  Thai desserts.  They are especially busy in the early morning when people come to buy sweets for making merit at the temple in the Thai tradition and in the afternoon for lunch break, she said.


The bestseller here is Egg custard and sweet sticky rice. The sticky rice here is very tasty, not too sweet and not too moist. When you eat it with sweet coconut milk, they go so well together. The egg custard is light and fluffy. It is a nice alternative to the standard Mango with sticky rice.

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Khun Fah recommends her favorite Thai dessert, called “Kanom Chan”, it is a classic dessert in Thailand for about 100 years. It is a must try item when you come to visit Thailand, especially from this store. The dessert made of coconut milk, rice flour and a hint of pandan flavor is wonderfully aromatic!

If you come to visit Thailand and the village of love, you should not miss out this spot!