Bangkok Unseen
Part I: Rajamangala Night Market

Bangkok Unseen Part I: Rajamangala Night Market

Welcome to our new blog attraction Bangkok Unseen’s first episode! We plan to keep you in-the-know about places you may not have known about. Rajamangala Night Market is one such place and it’s located in the square right in front of Rajamangala Stadium in the Ramkhamhaeng area near Ramkhamhaeng University. It is open daily from 4:00 – 11:00 pm daily, except Wednesday.



It’s a local market focusing mostly on local Thai foods and clothing and accessories. Though you will find plenty of Thai traditional foods there,as well as some Muslim Halal shops that also sell Shwarma (Turkish Kebab) which is really delicious and mouthwatering!



Photo: My favorite Som Tam shop at Rajamangala

Rajamangala Night Market , which is also known as TaladKoKotho, is located close to the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT). It is definitely a food heaven for Thai food lovers because of the variety of Thai traditional dishes available there, such as: SukiKwang Tung (Sukiyaki), Khanom Chin, Som Tam(Som Tam Phoolamai for fruit salad), YumMamuangGaiThod, Kai Nueng (Steamed Chicken with spices), KraPheaPla (Fish Maw Soup), and also fresh herb juices, milk shakes, desserts and cakes.



Photo: SukiKwang Tung

The prices of these mouthwatering Thai dishes are very reasonable! For around 35-40 baht you can get Som Tam (any flavor) and the sausage prices are around 10 baht/each. A full serving of KhaoMok Kai will cost only 35 baht and the drinks prices range from 25-35 baht. The food quality is good, and if you like street food then it’s a must try! But you must be careful while eating spicy foods, if you are allergic to any ingredients or if you do not want spicy just say them to the vendors with a smiling face- “Mai PhedMaknaKhrap!” (not very spicy!) or “AoPedNidNoinaKhrap!“(Just a little spicy).


Photo: Homemade cakes and desserts

You can sit and eat by the small lake just next to the market. A very chill atmosphere in the evening. It might be a little dark but there is a lighted seating area. Sometimes the grass can be wet too, so don’t forget to carry plastic bags/wraps to keep it a dry experience!

There are also some small restaurants inside where you can sit and eat traditional Thai foods like PlaNeungManao (Steamed Fish with Lime) and so on. But the price will be a bit higher than the street food.


For a change of pace, try out TaladKoKotho and find yourself a new spot to chill away from the crowds of central Bangkok attractions!






One of my favorite Som Tam Korat