A Culinary Journey with
Gaggan Anand

A Culinary Journey with Gaggan Anand

In June, CNN’s ‘Culinary Journeys’ follows Chef Gaggan Anand of Bangkok’s Gaggan, as he takes us on a Culinary Journey to his home town, Kolkata in India.

Anand has seasoned his reputation in Bangkok, one of the world’s culinary capitals. His eponymous restaurant in the Thai capital reinvigorates Indian cuisine by incorporating modernist cooking techniques. This year his restaurant won the top spot at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant awards.

Anand’s progressive take on Indian cuisine may make for a fine dining experience but he remains tied to the memories, tastes and smells of his home city of Kolkata. Street food, with its rich textures and flavours, is what fuels the chef’s inspiration and creativity as he blends Kolkatan food staples with kitchen wizardry.

The Indian chef’s culinary journey takes him back home to Kolkata, where he explores and recreates one of West Bengal’s most traditional dishes: the Daab Chingri, a delectable combination of prawns cooked in tender coconut shell. Anand will call upon his trusted army of local chefs and vendors to source the best ingredients and show us what it takes to cook the very best.

‘Culinary Journeys’ is a series of monthly half-hour shows on CNN International, which feature a different world-renowned chef on a journey to explore the cuisine of one of the world’s food hotspots. Each episode of this cookery travelogue sees a respected chef leave the bustle of their own kitchen to discover the ingredients, techniques and heritage that contribute to a culinary experience in another country.

We are elated to see one of Bangkok’s most renowned featured right now. If you didn’t catch the airing of Chef Gaggan Anand’s ‘Culinary Journeys’ already, you have a couple more chances!

Airtimes: Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore and Taipei

  • Tuesday June 9 at 1730 HKT
  • Wednesday June 10 at 1130 HKT

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