9 Auspicious Thai Desserts

There are many amazing desserts in Thailand, but today we are highlighting nine special sweets used for traditional ceremonies such as weddings or housewarmings, because of their good meaning.  They are intended as a blessing for the one who receives them.

Many of the desserts use egg yolks and sugar, originally brought to Thailand in recipes from the Portuguese.  It is said that Portuguese nuns made these egg-yolk based desserts as a way to make the most of their leftover egg yolks.  As most Thai desserts, they are all aromatic and full of intense, sweet flavor.

Most of the dessert names include the word Thong, which means gold in Thai, a symbol of wealth and prosperity.Let’s look at these 9 beautiful and special desserts:

  1. Thong Yod (Sweet Egg Yolk Drops)

This dessert has a tear drop shape and gold color. It means continuous wealth.  It is made of egg yolks and flour, boiled in syrup.


  1. Thong Yip (Sweet Egg Yolk Cup)

This dessert looks like a little gold flower. The word Yip means to ‘pick up.’ It signifies that anything you touch or pick up will turn to wealth.
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  1. Foy Thong (Sweet Threaded Egg Yolk)

Symbolizing lasting love and good fortune, this dessert is always used for weddings. The long threads are made by passing egg yolk through a small hole or cone, into hot boiling syrup.

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  1. KanomChan (Thai Jelly Layer Cake)

This is colorful dessert, symbolizes continual success.  It is typically seen in flat sheets, stacked on top of each other in ‘layers’ or chan in Thai, 9 of them, to be exact.  The layers are often formed into beautiful flower shapes, as well.


  1. Thong Ake

This dessert’s name means ‘golden one’ in Thai.  It is molded into an intricate shape and perfumed with a candle and topped off with gold leaf.


  1. Med Khanoon( Jackfruit Seeds)

The meaning of this dessert is ‘support through life.’ The name refers to its shape rather than its ingredients.  It is actually made from mung bean paste that is molded into shape, dipped in egg yolk and cooked in perfumed syrup.


  1. Jah-Mongkut (Sweet Egg Yolk Crown)

It is a crown shape, gold colored dessert, meaning honor and reputation.  It has a base similar to that of Tong Ake, but includes decorative elements to make it look like a Mongkut or ‘crown.’


  1. Sanay Jan (Sweet Egg Yolk Charm)

Sanay in Thai means ‘charm,’ so Thai people believe that if you use this dessert for the ceremony you will be a very charming person, well-loved by others.  This dessert has a subtle touch of nutmeg.


  1. LukChoop (Mung Bean Paste Candies)

LukChoop carries the meaning of ‘loved and adored by all.’  A beautifully crafted dessert, it is made of mung bean paste and coconut milk formed in the shape of fruits and vegetables, covered in gelatin and intricately decorated.

luk choop

Many dessert shops and stalls around Thailand carry these intricate and aromatic desserts.  You can sample many of these delicacies on our Taste of Thailand Food tour in the Village of Love or, if you are lucky, along with the traditions of a Thai ceremony someday soon!